No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming Locations Guide – How to Get Heridium Easily

By   /   Aug 10, 2016
No Man's Sky patch Heridium Farming

No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming Locations Guide to help you farm this key crafting component to repair the damaged startership build the first hyperdrive.

Heridium is a silicate resource which the players will need and find from the very beginning of the game. The key crafting component is needed to repair the damaged startership upon spawn as well as build their first hyperdrive.

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No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming

Our No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming details everything you need to know about farming this rare resource in No Man’s Sky:

No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming Locations

The first thing which players should do as they spawn is focus on fixing their Scanner. This is extremely useful in finding and marking objects of interest and resources at long range and even without directly looking at them.

25 Carbon is required to repair it which can be easily found by harvesting plants on the planet using the mining tool.

Once the scanner has been repaired, it can be used to locate nearby resources. Heridium deposits are extremely tall, rectangluar blue-ish rocks, found mostly on the surface of planets.

Players can simply go up to them and use their mining tool to mine Heridium until the rock is completely gone.

Depending on the size of the rock, it can give players above 100 Heridium easily so they might or might not need to find multiple rocks. 200 Heridium is required to repair the Hyperdrive so farming lots of this resource is a good idea.

Later on in the game once players have access to Space Stations, they can even purchase Heridium from the Galactic Market.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Heridium Farming Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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