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No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour Farming Locations Guide – How to Get Electron Vapour

No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour Farming Locations to help you farm this expensive resource which is required in more complex crafting recipes in the game.

While there are many blueprints players have to acquire from different sources as they travel across the galaxy in No Man’s Sky, there are some which they already know from the very start, even if they don’t have any need to craft those items for a while.

One such item which is useful after players progress a bit into the game is Electron Vapour, which is essentially ionized electrons captured in a cloud form.

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No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour Farming

This No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour Farming Guide should help players get a decent amount without too much trouble:

Crafting Electron Vapour

Players know the blueprint to craft Electron Vapour from the minute they spawn in the game world. However, the resources they need to craft it might not be so easily available at the start.

One unit of Electron Vapour requires 1x Suspension Fluid and 100x Plutonium.

While Plutonium can be mined from crystals on different planets, or bought from a Space Station, Suspension Fluid is available exclusively at Space Stations (until you get a blueprint to craft it) and costs around 18,000 units.

Electron Vapours are used to craft Antimatter which in turn is need to make Warp Cells which are extremely essential if players want to use their ship’s Warp capabilities and reach the center of the galaxy.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour Farming Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!