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No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide – Crafting Chart, Blueprints, Elements Table, Recipes, How to Craft

No Man’s Sky Crafting is the part and parcel of the procedurally-generated space exploration game. Using the crafting in the game, you can create all the technologies and upgrades required for exploration, combat, etc.

Once found appropriate No Man’s Sky blueprints, players should be able to craft technology upgrades for No Man’s Sky exosuit, No Man’s Sky starships, and No Man’s Sky multi-tool.

In addition to these things, players can also craft a number of valuable items which can be used in order to craft complex materials, trade-in, and craft fuel for different technologies.

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No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide details everything that you need to know about No Man’s Sky recipes, how to carry out crafting, deconstruction, and more.

No Man’s Sky Deconstruction

Before we head into crafting, do note that items and upgrades can be broken down into their basic components. This is especially useful when it comes to getting a new starship or multi-tool that has more Inventory Slots since the technology upgrades do not carry over. Moreover, it can also help players get basic components back and recycle them for crafting other important items.

No Man’s Sky Blueprints – How to Get

No Man’s Sky blueprints can be acquired in several ways and you must have these if you wish to carry out crafting. Even if you have all the required No Man’s Sky crafting components at your disposal, you will not be able to craft a specific item or upgrade without appropriate No Man’s Sky blueprint.

This section of our No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide details some of the ways using which you can get your hands on crafting blueprints:

No Man’s Sky Aliens
In order to interact with aliens and robots – whom you will encounter during the course of your journey – you will need to learn Alien Languages in the game. After you have learnt these languages, you will be able to interact with these aliens and robots in much efficient manner.

During conversations, you will be provided with choices and selecting the right choice will result in you getting your hands on some of the important crafting blueprints. Another important thing that you need to note here is that having good relationships with an Alien Faction will result in your getting more rewards from conversations.

No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Tech Console
You will come across Multi-Tool Tech Consoles during your journey through the game. These consoles require x20 Carbon – which is one of the most common resource in the game – to gain access and will provide you with a Multi-Tool Blueprint.

No Man’s Sky Shipwrecks and Debris
During the course of your journey, you will come across smoke coming out of Life Pods. These are basically shipwrecks which, when approached, can provide you with potential technology upgrade blueprints – especially for your No Man’s Sky starships.

No Man’s Sky Alarms
After breaking into a building, you will trip an alarm and will have the option of shutting it down. Doing so will call of No Man’s Sky Sentinels, but you will also have some other choices which will result in you getting a new blueprint.

No Man’s Sky Main Story
As obvious as it sounds, as you progress through the game’s story, you will get your hands on a number of No Man’s Sky crafting blueprints. So yes, it is a good idea to reach the center of the galaxy as soon as possible which will reward you with a number of things including crafting blueprints.

These are some of the ways using which you can find crafting blueprints in the game.

No Man’s Sky Elements

As you progress through No Man’s Sky universe, you will come across plentiful of elements and resources from flora/fauna, rocks, and asteroids in outer space. You need to salvage as much of these crafting resources as you can because you will need them in order to continue your exploration, combat, and potentially almost everything in the game.

This section of our No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide details what some of the most important resources are required for:

Carbon is used to craft recharge weaponry, mining equipment, exosuit life support, Plasma Launcher, stamina enhancements, Hazard Protection, and Scanner upgrades.

Thanium9 is used to craft mining equipment, weaponry, life support, Pulse engine, Warp Cells, Photon Cannon, Phase Beam, Scanner upgrades, and Plasma Launcher upgrades.

Plutonium is used to charge weaponry and craft mining equipment, exosuit, Launch Thrusters, Bypass Chip, Plasma Launcher, Electron Vapour, Jetpack upgrades, and Mining Beam upgrades.

Oxide Elements
Iron is used to craft Carite Sheets, Microdensity Fabric, Bypass Chip, Deflector Shield upgrades, Photon Cannon upgrades, stamina enhancements, Hazard Protection upgrades, Boltcaster upgrades, and Mining Beam upgrades.

Zinc is used to craft Hazard Protection, Antimatter, Boltcaster upgrades, and Plasma Launcher upgrades.

Titanium is used to craft Deflector Shield upgrades and Mining Beam upgrades.

Silicate Elements
Heridium is used to craft Antimatter, Plasma Launcher, Deflector Shield upgrades, Mining Beam upgrades, Boltcaster upgrades, and Plasma Launcher upgrades.

Platinum is used to craft Microdensity Fabric, Scanner upgrades, and Plasma Launcher upgrades.

Chrysonite is used to craft Jetpack upgrades, exosuit shielding upgrades, and Plasma Launcher upgrades.

No Man’s Sky Crafting Recipes Locations

Suspension Fluid
You come across the recipe for Suspension Fluid inside a manufacturing facility.

This one is not miss-able and acquired during the main story of the game.

Power Canister
You will stumble upon this one during the main story of the game.

Atlas Pass V1
This too is acquired during the main story of the game.

Since the scale of the game is so vast, we will continue to add more to the guide as we progress through the game.

No Man’s Sky Elements Procedural Table

It goes without saying that No Man’s Sky is a huge game. While we do have some information related to elements and resources discovered so far, but it is far from complete.

Keeping this in mind, someone has actually come up with a unique No Man’s Sky periodic table that shows all the discovered elements in the game including isotopes, silicates, oxides, neutral elements, and precious elements.

Called as No Man’s Sky Procedural Table of Elements, the periodic table is updated as soon as a new element is discovered and has many details.

For example, the table shows the rarity of a particular element, its price in units, some of its potential uses, and its uses in No Man’s Sky crafting. You can check out the entire table by heading over to the link.

There is another one being compiled here, but some of you may find it a tad complicated than the one attached above which is far simpler and easy to understand.

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Crafting Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!