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New Overwatch Short Featuring Bastion May Be At Gamescom

A new Overwatch short is likely going to be at Gamescom, if rumors that have come about recently are true. If these rumors turn out to be true, there’s also the possibility that it will be a Bastion short. Apparently the announcement came from a Blizzard post on Russian social media, which included a picture of Bastion.

If it is a Bastion short, we’ll likely get some backstory into Bastion’s personality. Bastion is a model of Omnic that was used during the Omnic Crisis as a frontline soldier. While many of the Bastion units were dismantled after the war, Bastion remained somewhere in the wild, and woke up without its combat programming active.

While Bastion is very dangerous in combat, he’s a fairly passive robot, preferring the company of animals and nature (such as his pet bird, Ganymede).

It’s likely that the animated short will show off some of Bastion’s combat prowess, as every Overwatch short has had a good amount of combat in them. But whether Bastion will be fighting humans in the short or other Omnics, or if he’ll even be fighting at all, remains to be seen.

The new Overwatch short isn’t the only thing that’s heading for Gamescom either. Various other rumors have surfaced that the game’s next character, Sombra, will be revealed during Gamescom as well. Whether Bastion will interact with another character as well is also something to consider.

Either way we’ll just have to wait until Gamescom to see if the new Overwatch short actually has Bastion in it, or if there’s even a new short at all. The rumor could be wrong.

Since Gamescom starts on August 18, at least we don’t have very long to wait, only until next Thursday. Until then, and until Blizzard unveils the new Overwatch short (again, if there is one), we’ll just have to be patient.