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Madden NFL 17 Devs Announce Return of Formation Subs

Madden NFL 17 is only a few weeks away from coming out, so the devs over at EA Sports have given us a bit more of a tidbit for what we can expect when the game releases. In this case, they’re announcing the return of formation subs to the Madden mechanics.

Formation subs, along with chemistry, are only two of the returning things that are coming back to the game.

Formation substitutions were a way for players to make their own custom formations; that is, to put their various starters in parts of a formation despite how they’re sorted in the game’s depth chart. Originally the feature was not going to be included in Madden NFL 17, but after a high amount of demand from the Madden Community, EA Sports relented and gave us the formation subs back.

This means that you can adjust various formations to be how you want, which could help you keep opponents (or maybe just human opponents) off balance. You also don’t have to worry about resetting them every game, because they can carry over from game to game.

Each of the various positions in a formation sub can be replaced with a number of other positions, such as the quarterback position being replaceable with a kicker or a punter. Another example would be a Tight End position that can be swapped out with another Tight End, a fullback, a left tackle, a right tackle, or a middle line backer.

You can make your own formation subs in Madden NFL 17 by going to the My Coach menu and selecting Formation Subs from there. And if you end up not wanting a formation sub? You can just reset it and make a new one by pressing the right trigger.

Madden NFL 17 will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on August 23, so when it comes out in two weeks you can decide to check out the formation subs for yourself. If you want to read more about the formation subs, you can take a look at this link.