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League of Legends Patch 6.16 Released, Adjusts Heroes, Fixes Bugs

League of Legends patch 6.16 has been released by Riot Games, and will be bringing a number of balance changes to various heroes, along with adjustments to the hero selection. The game will also be getting a lot of bugs fixed. The patch is a bit lighter than normal, but there’s still a lot to go through.

League of Legends patch 6.16 has released the newest character Kled, along with adjusting Irelia, Leona, Lulu, Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Sona, and Viktor, giving them a number of nerfs and buffs.

Irelia’s “Ionian Fervor” ability has had its “tenacity” gain adjusted. Instead of gaining tenacity based on the number of enemies, Ionian Fervor now gains tenacity based on the number of enemies compared to the number of allies. Her “Transcendent Blades” ability hasn’t been adjusted, but its tooltip has been fixed to properly read 0.6, rather than 0.7

Leona’s Sunlight ability now shows off damage numbers when her allies proc the ability.

Lulu’s Whimsy ability has had its cooldown reduced, and its attack speed has also been buffed.

Mordekaiser’s “Children of the Grave” ability has also been fiddled with, ensuring the ghosts now prioritize and follow enemy heroes properly, and attack heroes and towers over minions, in addition to being able to follow him at a command.

Nautilus’s own Depth Charge ability has gotten a buff, stunning heroes that it hits for anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds, and also increasing the duration of the Depth Charge knockup by another half-second.

Sona’s Song of Celebrity and Crescendo abilities have also gotten nerfed in the movement speed and ability cooldown departments.

Finally, for heroes, Victor’s Chaos Storm ability has had a number of adjustments, including a decrease to maximum movement speed, an increase in minimum movement speed, when the speed starts to decay, and the minimum speed cap. The ability’s Snapback effect has also been removed.

If you want to read the rest of League of Legends patch 6.16 including all of the adjustments, bug fixes, and skins, you can find it here at this link.