How to Build No Man’s Sky Warp Drive Guide – Dynamic Resonator Location, Antimatter Location, Where to Find Fuel

Building No Man’s Sky Warp Drive should be at top of your priority list if you wish to head out and explore the game’s massive universe.

No Man’s Sky Warp Drive essentially allows you to jump between two galaxies, but sadly is not available at the beginning of the game.

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No Man’s Sky Warp Drive Guide

Our No Man’s Sky details everything you need to know about building Warp Drive and hop around galaxies.

No Man’s Sky Warp Drive – Getting Started

Finding Hyperdrive Crafting Recipe
There are actually a few ways using which you can get yourself Hyperdrive Crafting recipe. During the early game, if you took out some time to learn Alien Languages using Knowledge Stones and helped an Alien Faction out, you will have chances of getting the upgrade blueprint from one of the friendly aliens.

However, if did not do that, there is another way. During the course of your journey in Outer Space, you will come across various shipwrecks ready to be explored. These shipwrecks usually contain crafting blueprints for your No Man’s Sky Starships. There are chances that you will get yourself your No Man’s Sky Warp Drive recipe from one of these shipwrecks.

Finding the Dynamic Resonator
This is one of the items that you need in order to build No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive and it is not easy to come by. During the early game, you will need to buy Dynamic Resonator if you wish to build yourself a No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive.

In order to get your hands on a Dynamic Resonator, you need to head over to a Space Station and find a ship that has it – simple as that!

Fueling the No Man’s Sky Warp Drive
In order to fuel Warp Drive, you need Warp Cells which can be crafted using a number of component, most important of which is Antimatter. You will find the crafting recipe for Warp Cell the same you get recipe for No Man’s Sky Warp Drive.

Once you have found the recipe, you should probably just go ahead and buy yourself Antimatter – if you do not have the crafting blueprint, that is. Once you have successfully crafted the Warp Cells, you should be able to fuel the Hyperdrive and go out exploring.

No Man’s Sky Antimatter Recipe
Since you cannot afford to buy Antimatter each time you want to craft Warp Cells, you should try to find its blueprint. During the main story of the game, you will find yourself at one of the Manufacturing Facilities.

While you are there, try to look around the area and you will find it inside one of the buildings.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Warp Drive Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!