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Will No Man’s Sky PC Have FOV Option? Sean Murray Provides an Answer

No Man’s Sky PC version must have an FOV option, according a handful of subreddits, Twitter, and Facebook’s PC community. Hello Games has finally provided an answer to this burning question.

Yes! No Man’s Sky PC version will have an FOV slider option. In fact, devs are tweaking it for final release as we speak. Sean Murray from Hello Games confirmed the news so you can now go and pre order No Man’s Sky on PC.

The PlayStation 4 version is starting to roll out and it’s crunch time at Hello Games. Many are waiting for reviews to come before picking up a copy but that is a problem. Sony handed out keys a little late and since this is such a massive game, it would take possibly another 48 hours for reviews to come in.

However, we have you covered.

Head over here to see a 50 minutes long gameplay video that will help you decide if No Man’s Sky is worth it. The video dives deep into gameplay, combat, exploration, enemies and much more.

No Man’s Sky will release on August 12 on PC, it was originally planned for August 9 alongside PS4. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Hello Games delayed it for a few days.

But the wait should be worth it as early impressions and previews of the game are positive. We are seeing great excitement over the game so it is comforting to see we won’t be disappointed. Still, we need reviews to come in before jumping to conclusions.

Are you excited for No Man’s Sky? How important was the FOV option to you? Let us know in the comments below.