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How to Upgrade No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive, Warp Cells Locations ‘Hyperdrive Fuel Guide

No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive allows explorers to jump from one planetary system to other, unless they wish to stay on the same planet.

At the very beginning of the game, you will not get hyperdrive from the Life Pod system and will be required to get it from some other means.

Alpha Vector Starship and Horizon Omega Starship – acquired by pre-ordering the game on PS4 and PC – both contain built-in hyperdrive technology.

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No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Guide details everything that you need to know to get No Man’s Sky hyperdrive technology in the game:

No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive – How to Upgrade

While you are out in the space exploring, you might come across drop pods named Damaged Machinery. These things contain upgrades for your ships and you might stumble upon an upgrade for Hyperdrive.

All that you need to do is to fly close to these and find the upgrade inside. Alternatively, you can also speak with aliens who might reward you with one of the upgrades.

Do note that in order to have increased chances of getting a reward through a conversation, you should have good relationships with the said alien faction.

No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Charging Fuel – Warp Cells

There are quite a few ways using which you can get No Man’s Sky Warp Cells and continue to explore as much as you like. This section of the guide contains information related to getting Warp Cells.

Warp Cells Crafting
If you wish to craft Warp Cells, you will need:

  • X100 Thamium + x1 Antimatter

Do note that Thamium is acquired by destroying asteroids. As for Antimatter, it can also be crafted using:

  • X1 Electron Vapour + x50 Heridium + x20 Zinc

Finally coming to getting Electron Vapour, it can be acquired using:

  • X1 Suspension Fluid + x100 Plutonium

Alien Monoliths
Alien Monoliths can provide you with x1 Fuel Cell. In order to find them, you need to scan a planet with your Starship Scanner or find them near beacons – usually.

Atlas Interfaces
You will find Atlas Interfaces or Atlas Stations while exploring the outer space. Each Atlas Interface in the game not only has +2 Warp Cells, but also an Atlas Stone which can be sold for as much as 75K+ Units. This alone makes visiting these Atlas Interfaces a worthwhile journey.

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Guide. If there is something that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!