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TitanFall 2 Beta Details To Be Revealed Soon, Multiplayer Reveal on August 16

Titanfall 2 was revealed during E3 2016 with a single-player trailer. However, nothing related to multiplayer of the game have been revealed, and fans are also expecting that a Titanfall 2 beta will also happen before its release.

Well Respawn Entertainment has announced the Multiplayer gameplay reveal for Titanfall 2 on August 16, and also teased that details about Titanfall 2 beta will soon be revealed. The multiplayer reveal of the game will be streamed live direct from Games Com 2016.

Also some of the biggest gaming personalities will be present during the reveal, and will compete with one another.

Get ready to see the live Multiplayer gameplay reveal for Titanfall 2 on August 16th, direct from Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The Titanfall 2 Factions multiplayer event will split some of the communities biggest gaming personalities into separate teams and let them compete for bragging right on the Frontier. The action will be streamed live on, starting at 8:00 pm CET/11:00 am PST.

The developers also revealed that those expecting to participate in Titanfall 2 beta will get a taste of what to expect from it. However, Respawn entertainment did not specify that Titanfall 2 beta is going to open or closed.

For all fans of Titanfall 2 preparing to participate in the Multiplayer Tech Test, this is the perfect time to get little preview of what you can expect. We’ll be revealing all the details on the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test very soon.

In related news, Respawn Entertainment Producer, Drew McCoy, recently shared his views about developing Titanfall 2 for PlayStation 4. According to him, jumping on a new console is a tough decision due to difference in the architecture of the systems. He further said that PlayStation 4 on the other hand is very easy to grasp.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to release on September 28, just a few days after the release of Battlefield 1. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.