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Hello Games Apologizes for Takedowns of No Man’s Sky Videos

Hello Games, the directors of the space exploration simulator No Man’s Sky, has issued an apology for Sony Computer Entertainment’s erroneous takedowns of several No Man’s Sky videos. The game was leaked early by a few people and gameplay was put on YouTube. Sony took down many of the leaked videos, but also some videos that had only been discussing the game.

No Man’s Sky went gold some weeks ago and was, a few weeks later, leaked to one particular YouTuber that proceeded to talk about how the game’s story was only 30 hours (unsurprising as the meat of the gameplay is simply in exploring) and leak a large amount of gameplay onto YouTube.

From there, Sony understandably did not appreciate one of their hopefully best-selling games of the year being put out early and being spoiled for people, and so they began to issue takedowns on many No Man’s Sky videos. While these were targeted mainly on videos of the gameplay, they also targeted No Man’s Sky videos that only discussed the game.

With these in mind, Hello Games publicly apologized for the video takedowns and said that they were discussing the possibility with Sony of having those videos that did not have gameplay in them being reinstated.

One of the more notable YouTubers this affected was Steven Thomas, otherwise known as No Man’s Sky Gamer on YouTube. Thomas had been planning a 24-hour stream on YouTube Gaming tonight as a charity to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but under Sony’s current policy would not have been able to do so.

The fact that Sony did this, even after Thomas has been promoting No Man’s Sky for months, and instead of striking the many other channels that have leaked gameplay of No Man’s Sky. Sony has, however, issued an apology of its own, so hopefully Thomas will be able to do his livestream when the game releases.