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No Man’s Sky Starships Guide – Types, Upgrades, Blueprints, Destruction

Unless you wish to stay on a single planet, you will need No Man’s Sky starships for doing a lot of things in the game.

No Man’s Sky starships are needed to store resources, explore the universe, engage in space battles, reach the center of the universe, participate in trading, craft items, and more.

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No Man’s Sky Starships Guide

Starships/Ships in No Man’s Sky have the same slot system as No Man’s Sky exosuit and No Man’s Sky multi-tool. Some of the Starship Inventory slots are pre-assigned to things like Hyperdrive, but others you can manage on your own.

Our No Man’s Sky Starships Guide covers everything from ship types to upgrades and other minor details.

No Man’s Sky Starships Types

There are basically three types of starships in the game – Explorer Ships, Fighter Ships, and Trading Ships. This section of the guide details a little about these different starship types.

No Man’s Sky Explorer Starships
These ships not only have better engines and hyperdrive for improved travelling times, but also better stealth capabilities to avoid unnecessary combat. It goes without saying that other starships can also be used for explorations, but these are a tad better.

No Man’s Sky Fighter Starships
During the course of your journey, you will be forced to participate in battles against space pirates, sentinels, etc. And to come out alive, you will need fighter starships which include better firepower, improved defenses, etc.

No Man’s Sky Trading Starships
These ships are massive when it comes to size and storage capacity which is why they are suitable for trading. Note that these ships are not suitable for exploration because of decreased speed.

You should choose your ships based on what you want to do in the game. No Man’s Sky starships can be bought from trading posts, space stations, and docking stations – allowing you to get a taste of everything the game has to offer.

No Man’s Sky Starships Upgrades

Starships can be upgraded in order to get more inventory space, better combat capabilities, improved mining abilities, etc. However, keep in mind that No Man’s Sky starships upgrades are the most expensive of all!

Starships Inventory Upgrades
Buying starships from alien traders will always get you the ones with increased inventory space – usually +2. Before making the leap, however, you should deconstruct all available enhancements since you will not be able to take them along.

Starships Blueprints
No Man’s Sky blueprints allow you to get stronger shields, decreased cooldown, better hyperdrive, etc. Once you have found a blueprint, you will need to craft it using required resources.

When it comes to finding these starships blueprints, there are a couple of ways you can do so. Firstly, you can get them from random alien conversations. Note that having good relationships with a faction will increase your chance by a large margin.

Other than that, you will come across Damaged Machinery during your exploration. Once approached, these shipwrecks will provide you with random starships blueprints.

No Man’s Sky Starships Components

Starships Weapons
Like multi-tool, these can be used both for combat and mining. One of the weapons is the Photon Cannon which is useful for taking down other ships because of better rate-of-fire. The Phase Beam, on the other hand, is much more powerful and can destroy sluggish targets.

Starships Shield
This is powered by Oxides found in the environment and protect you from enemy fire, planetary hazards, etc.

Starships Scanner
Like multi-tool, starships also have scanners that can be used to identify points of interests (POIs), flora/fauna on a planet, alien constructions, and other details before landing on a planet.

Starships Hyperdrive
Like I have mentioned earlier, you need starships hyperdrive in order to jump between two star systems – unless you plan to remain on the same planet. The hyperdrive requires Warp Cells and is one of the most important components of a starship.

Starships Destruction

It is important to mention here that if a No Man’s Sky starship is destroyed in space, you lose your inventory items. These items, however, can be retrieved by heading to the grave sign – the place where you died. But if you die again while retrieving your resources, you lose them forever – like in Dark Souls games.

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