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No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC Will Use Different Servers

No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC versions are using different servers so the universe isn’t connected. Sean Murray confirmed this during a Reddit AMA session.

Speculations about No Man’s Sky using different servers for PS4 and PC were out there. But this is the very first time Hello Games has spoken about it directly.

Sean Murray also spoke about the crazy hype this game generated over the years.

So obviously the hype is terrifying. I mean, I have had this hanging over me for three years since we announced. I get like 3 hours sleep a night, but like I can’t sleep even if I was home.

It’s catch 22, if we hadn’t announced when we did, we probably would have quit the project without the community supporting us… but god… should I have passed up Colbert? Or E3? I dunno. Every time we showed the game we always assumed people would suddenly not like it anymore… but instead the hype would just get crazier.

Hello Games is also looking beyond No Man’s Sky and do have some ideas at the back of their heads. However, for the time being their focus is on No Man’s Sky and supporting it post-release.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PlayStation 4 but will soon release on PC as well. Reviews are a little late but they will be live once reviewers explore enough of its universe.