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No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Guide – Upgrades, Mining Beam, Boltcaster, Grenades, and Scanner

No Man’s Sky multi-tool is your multi-purpose weapon in the game. No Man’s Sky multi-tool not only allows you to get rid of hostile creatures, space pirates, and sentinels, but also mine resources.

Since resources are required to maintain your Life Support, exosuit technologies, starship, and other important uses. The multi-tool comprises of a rifle and a pickaxe.

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No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Guide

Like No Man’s Sky exosuit, multi-tool also has Companion Units that can be assigned to various slots. However, before doing so, you will need to explore the galaxy and find blueprints.

Our No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Guide details everything you need to know about the multi-tool, its functions, multi-tool upgrades, finding blueprints, and other minor details.

No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool

Like No Man’s Sky exosuit, there are a variety of functions that multi-tool can perform including:

  • Mining Beam – Used for mining
  • Boltcaster – Used for fighting
  • Grenades – Used for blowing up environment
  • Scanner – Used for scanning environment

Multi-Tool Scanner
Your multi-tool in No Man’s Sky has two types of scan functions – Analysis Visor and Scanner. The former one is used to identify flora and fauna on a planet. Apart from this, it can also scan alien constructions and waypoints.

The scanner, on the other hand, is used manually and shows you everything in nearby area. From elements to waypoints, your multi-tool scanner will show you everything.

Multi-Tool Mining Beam
The mining beam basically allow you to emit a laser to draw elements from an object. After destroying a rock or a plant, the elements within will become available to be picked up.

Multi-Tool mining beam has two gauges that you need to be aware of – an ammo gauge and overheating gauge. Continuously using your mining beam will cause it to overheat and you will have to wait for it to cooldown.

As for ammo gauge, you will start with 100% ammo, but as you continue to use it, the percentage will decline. To replenish it, you will need to use Isotopes or red elements from the environment.

Multi-Tool Boltcaster
While you can use the mining beam in order to deal damage to hostile creatures, the damage output is negligible and this is where boltcaster comes in. It fires projectiles instead of laser and does not overheat.

It does, however, requires ammo and reloading – Isotopes or red elements will again help you out! There are a number of upgrades for boltcaster such as reduced recoil or wide-spread.

Multi-Tool Grenades
Grenades from multi-tool cannot only destroy objects quickly in order to render mining faster, but can also eliminate multiple creatures at the same time. You can also break open doors using grenades.

Last but not the least, grenades also have upgrades like boltcaster which will give you bonuses including a large blast radius or the ability to hit multiple enemies by ricocheting off them.

No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Upgrades

Similar to No Man’s Sky exosuit, No Man’s Sky multi-tool also has inventory space that can be used in order to have more upgrades. Moreover, you will also get a bonus after aligning similar types of upgrades in front of each other.

A new multi-tool with better inventory space can be acquired from alien facilities or space stations. Moreover, you may also get a better multi-tool after speaking to an alien – all the more reasons to learn languages.

However, do note that all your installed enhancements will not carry over to the new multi-tool so it is a good idea to deconstruct them all!

No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Blueprints

Multi-Tool blueprints can make your No Man’s Sky multi-tool have decreased cooldown, increased range, more damage, etc. Once you have found a blueprint, you must craft it.

As mentioned earlier, placing similar types of upgrades in front of each other will also get you a bonus – represented by a yellow light. As for where you can find them, make sure to check space stations, alien facilities, outposts, and buildings.

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!