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No Man’s Sky Money Farming Guide: How to Make Units Fast, Infinite Units Farming Exploits

Valuable crafting and trading resources aren’t the only commodities to help players on their journey in No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky money also plays a huge role and is extremely essential to upgrade and purchase new ships or equipment so that players can access and survive in harsher environments or boost their travelling capabilities.

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No Man’s Sky Money Farming Tips, How to Make Money Fast

There are multiple ways with which players can earn that money depending on their chosen path.


After repairing their Analysis Visor on the starting planet, players can use it to learn more about various alien life on those planets, flora and fauna as well as general information about the planets themselves such as their weather conditions, mineral presence and general survivability.

The Scanner can also help highlight some of these things so players know what to analyze with their visor. All this information plus every waypoint on a planet that players discover can return them a decent amount of No Man’s Sky money.

Once players feel they have gathered enough information on a planet and its residents, they can press the Option button and upload all their discoveries to the galactic database. Every upload will grant them a significant amount of cash.


While common mining resources like Iron and Zinc can be sold, it’s the precious stones like Emeril and Omegon that fetch the best prices on Trading Posts and Space Stations.

Mining can be a great way to earn money early on in No Man’s Sky without requiring a lot of investment. Players just need to be careful and not mine too much on a planet or they will attract some unwanted attention.

There are some telltale signs about a planet and its resources as well. Expensive metals like gold are usually common on Radioactive plants and a great way to earn easy money in No Man’s Sky.

Atlas Stones

Whenever players enter an Atlas Interface/Station, they will be given one Atlas Stone. These stones aren’t usable anywhere but can be sold for a huge amount of No Man’s Sky money (around 70 thousand units after patch 1.03) so exploring the galaxy for Atlas Interfaces is also a good idea.

It’s kind of No Man’s Sky infinite money exploit so make the best out of it before it gets patched become less lucrative.


Spend more to earn more money in No Man’s Sky. Players should look into expanding their Exosuit capacity through Drop Pods so they can carry more valuable items with them and have to travel less frequently to offload their loot.

Same goes for ships and players need to constantly expand their ship’s storage capacity so they can haul more cargo at a time. With the profit of their sales, they can continue investing into their ship and reach planets with better resources and farm minerals their while also finding better upgrades for their suit.

So no amount of money spent on a ship or Exosuit upgrade is useless as ultimately it will end up paying for itself and help you make easy money in No Man’s Sky eventually.

While these are fairly straightforward ways to earn money, since it is a sandbox game and players get to choose whatever they want to do, there are some crooked ways to earn a lot of money really fast.

Asteroid Farming

The best No Man’s Sky infinite money exploit to do is to find a well populated asteroid field near a space station and shoot those asteroids to mine their elements.

Since players are in close proximity to the space station, they can quickly sell their cargo whenever the capacity has been maxed out.

Asteroids are mostly filled with Thamium9 (although rare metals can also be found) which isn’t every expensive but the fact that barely a second of shooting earns players a 100 Thamium9 which is worth 2000 units, seems like a fine trade-off.


Players can also craft lots of Bypass chips and sell them on the market to earn money quickly in No Man’s Sky. Each chip costs 10 Plutonium and 10 Iron to craft, both of which are very easy to find on every planet in large quantities.

Selling these metal individually will net players almost no cash at all but each chip itself is worth 3500 units of No Man’s Sky money. This way, 100 Plutonium and 100 Iron can earn players 35,000 units while selling those metals in raw form would have only given then around 5000 units of No Man’s Sky money.

Another key thing to keep in mind when selling items is that players should be not in a rush to sell off their goods unless they absolutely have to. If a Trading Post or Space Station is not offering a good price for their cargo, it is generally a good idea to head over to another and check the prices there.

Did you find these money making tips useful? Got some other ways to earn a lot of in-game currency? Share your thoughts below!