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No Man’s Sky Languages Guide – Benefits of Learning Alien Languages

Learning No Man’s Sky Languages plays a huge role in No Man’s Sky. As players learn various words throughout their space journey, they will be able to better understand and interact with different aliens they meet in places like Atlas Interfaces.

Without this knowledge, the conversation will be a garbled mess which is not something you would want in the game.

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No Man’s Sky Languages Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Languages Guide details everything you need to know about learning these languages and reap its benefits.

How to Learn No Man’s Sky Languages

There are multiple ways to learn Alien words and languages and this guide will help players expand their linguistic proves by listing them all:

No Man’s Sky Atlas Interfaces
Glowing orbs found in Atlas Interfaces can be picked up to learn new words. Each Interface/Station has at least 5 orbs which means 5 new words.

No Man’s Sky Stone Pillars
Almost every planet will have various Alien stone pillars scattered throughout them. Players can interact with those pillars and each pillar will teach them one word. The scanner can be used to highlight those pillars on the HUD.

No Man’s Sky Space Stations
At space stations, players can talk to different Aliens and engage in a conversation. Sometimes during a multiple-choice dialogue, if player responds correctly, there is a chance that the Alien will teach them a new word.

Knowing the language will ensure players can better interact with those Aliens and can result in them getting possibly better rewards and good quality blueprints.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Languages Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!