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No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Reset Progress and Start with All New Changes After Patch 1.03

No Man’s Sky guide to help you reset progress in the game and start afresh.

While No Man’s Sky may have officially launched today, many players actually got their hands on the game a few days ago and have been playing ever since.

However, the recently released No Man’s Sky 1.03 patch changes the game in such a drastic fashion that Sean Murray, head developer of the game, recommends players actually delete their entire save profile and start from scratch in order to fully enjoy the game.

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No Man’s Sky Guide to Reset Progress

This No Man’s Sky guide will help you do just that and wipe your entire game progress so you can experience all the changes made in the game from the beginning:

No Man’s Sky Guide – How to Reset Progress

Since PS4 version of the game is the only one that was leaked, players have to navigate to their PlayStation 4 console Settings.

Once in the settings, they need to head towards the Application Saved Data Management page and delete No Man’s Sky from the list. There is nothing to worry about as this will only delete the gameplay progress and not the game itself.

After deleting the progress, players simply have to download the latest game update – if they haven’t done that already – and upon launch, they will see themselves playing the game from the very beginning.

The Day One update (or Day Zero since it was released a day before launch) seems like a pretty significant change to a game’s core elements when the game had already gone gold almost a month ago.

This seems to suggest that despite not having a publisher and forced to meet some deadlines, Hello Games was certainly in a rush to push out the game and unlike other games where such launch day updates are reserved for bug fixes, they actually used it to majorly change the game from what was originally on the disc which also resulted in reviews being delayed.

The PC version of No Man’s Sky has been slightly delayed and will now be releasing on 12th August.