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No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Reach the Center of the Galaxy

No Man’s Sky guide to help you reach the center of the galaxy and complete the game’s ultimate goal.

While players are able to play the game however they want since it is a sandbox title, the ultimate goal in No Man’s Sky is still reaching the center of the galaxy. Depending on their play style, this can take hundreds of hours or can be done within 30 hours – according to some reports – if following a certain pathway.

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No Man’s Sky Guide – How to Reach the Center of the Galaxy

For those eager to ‘finish’ the game quickly on their first play through, this No Man’s Sky Guide will help with ways on how to do that.

Encountering the Space Anamoly

Early on in their journey, players will encounter a Space Anomaly, which look like small Space Stations. These Anomalies appear randomly so there is no fixed time or place for them.

Heading inside the Anomaly, players will meet an Alien who will present them with 3 paths; Go for the center, go for Atlas or explore as they wish.

Since players want to go to the center, they will obviously select that route – follow black holes. Upon selecting this path, a nearby black hole will be marked on their map.

Upgrading the Hyperdrive

After the black hole is marked, players should focus on upgrading their No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive so they can warp 300 light years instead of the default 100. Another upgrade can further increase the warp capability but it isn’t really necessary.

After the Hyperdrive has been upgraded, players need to use the Black Hole to travel. This will move them 2000 light years closer to the center of the galaxy.

Every time players come out of a Black Hole, they should look for a nearby Atlas Interface to acquire Warp cells. Each interface grants two free cells so they will come in really handy when travelling to the next black hole.

Players need to continue repeating this process, acquire Warp cells, use Hyperdrive to reach Black Holes quickly and then use those Black Holes to get a huge jump towards the center.

No Man’s Sky Patch 1.03 Changes

No Man’s Sky Patch 1.03 also increased the distance to center and players now start at 175,000 light years away.

So for those who don’t want to travel that much, staying at patch 1.0 might be a better idea since the center is only 40,000 light years away from their starting point in that.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Guide to reaching the center of the galaxy. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!