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No Man’s Sky Exosuit Guide – Upgrades, Storage, Blueprints and Technologies

No Man’s Sky exosuit protects you from planet hazards, extreme weather conditions, and enemies. It is your space lifeline that you need to cling to if you wish to avoid dying over and over again.

No Man’s Sky exosuit also includes a backpack that allows storage of items and technology upgrades. You can place items adjacent to each other in order to acquire one or more bonuses.

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No Man’s Sky Exosuit Guide

When it comes to installing exosuit technology, it can be done like Multi-Tool or Starships. While exploring on foot, try to go through different available technologies and have some space for the important ones.

No Man’s Sky Exosuit Guide details everything that you need to know about exosuit, exosuit upgrades, and more.

No Man’s Sky Exosuit

Everyone in No Man’s Sky starts with 12 exosuit slots. Out of these 12, one is always assigned to jetpack, one to Life Support, and one to Hazard Protection.

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of exosuit functions which include:

  • Health – Prevents from dying
  • Protection – Allows you to sustain extreme weather conditions
  • Stamina – Allows you to sprint
  • Utilities – Things like Life Support and Jetpack

Exosuit Health
This basically protects you from hostile creatures, space pirates, and sentinels in the game. You can also get Companion Unit in order to get even more survivability.

Exosuit Protection
As a general rule of thumb, planets near the Sun are extremely hot and vice versa. While exploring, you will come across planetary hazards including acid rain, extreme weather conditions, radiations, etc.

This basically protects you from all these hazards. However, do note that you need different Oxides to keep it running. Moreover, you can also get Companion Unit to get protection against specific hazards.

Exosuit Stamina
You do not actually need exosuit to run, but if you wish to sprint long distances, you will need it. It also has a Companion Unit called Membrane which allows underwater breathing.

Exosuit Utilities
Everything else from jetpack to Life Support comes under utilities. Do note that the jetpack does not require refueling, but Life Support does – in the form of Isotopes. Once again, there are Companion Units that can improve efficiency.

No Man’s Sky Exosuit Upgrades

Exosuit Space Upgrade
After heading to the Atlas Pass, open the left-hand-side door in space stations and find a terminal for exosuit. These upgrades get expensive with each use and there is only one in a space station.

Apart from this, there are exosuit upgrades that can be found while exploring the world. You need to find a large drop pod marked as a Point of Interest (POI) and find the upgrade inside.

Exosuit Technology Blueprints
To get new and better technology, you need to find blueprints and then craft them. These upgrades include things like Membrane for underwater breathing, Jetpack Boost Stamina, etc.

Moreover, if you place two Companions Units adjacent to each other, you will get bonus effects. You will be notified of a bonus effect with a yellow light between two upgrades.

If you are looking for the upgrade blueprints, you should head over to the Atlas Interfaces – these areas have a high chance of providing you with crafting blueprints.

How to Install Exosuit Technology

Before installing technology upgrade, you need to make sure that you have space. If you have it, all that you need to do is to click the item you want to install technology onto and then click on an empty inventory slot.

If you have sufficient resources on you, you will automatically craft the technology upgrade and also install it instantaneously. As mentioned earlier, do keep the alignment bonuses in mind while managing your exosuit inventory.

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Exosuit Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!