No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones Guide – How to Get

No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones Guide to help you locate this valuable resource in the space-exploration game.

Given how survival plays a huge part in No Man’s Sky alongside exploration of planets, there is a significant amount of resource gathering players have to go through to craft equipment for their ship as well as their No Man’s Sky exosuit or simply to sell for some quick cash.

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No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones Guide details everything you need to know about getting this valuable resource in the game.

Where to Find No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones

One such resource required are No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones, one of the highly valuable resource items in the game. The Atlas Stones can be found at Atlas Interfaces, also known as Atlas Stations.

Players have to occasionally visit Atlas Interfaces for various reasons as well as to acquire their first Atlas Pass so going to these stations isn’t really out of their way.

Once at an Atlas Interface, a big orb inside the station can be interacted with and it will give players one Atlas Stone. Each Atlas Interface they visit will grant players one Atlas Stone as well as 2 Warp Cells or knowledge about alien words or even No Man’s Sky Exosuit blueprints.

No Man’s Sky Atlas Stones Changes with Patch 1.03

Atlas Stones don’t serve any other purpose in the game besides providing players some quick and effortless money. Before patch 1.03 they could be sold at the market for 270k units however after the patch, their price has been nerfed quite a bit although they are still worth around 70 thousand units.

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