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New Pokemon Leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Yuwashi, Sunabaa and More

Pokemon Sun and Moon was featured in the latest issue of Corocoro magazine. The issue got leaked early which revealed new Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The image you see above is showing Yowashi, a new Water-type fish Pokémon for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This one can change its shape and transform into a larger fish.


The second image shows Ghost/Ground-type sand hill Pokémon named Sunabaa. Sunabaa turns into a larger sand castle Pokémon named Shirodesuna. In the same image you can also see Nuikoguma, the pre-evolved form of Bewear.


We now have the Alola form Pokemon, the image above shows Dark-type Alola Meowth followed by the Fire/Ghost-type Marowak.


The final image gives us a look at the rival team called Team Skull. The main boss is named Guzuma while the girl you see is Burumeri. More details about the new Pokemon will be shared in the coming days. As for the game itself, Pokemon Sun and Moon are releasing on November 23 for 3DS.

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On a related note, The Pokemon Company recently released Pokemon Go for iOS and Android. It is one of the best selling mobile games but it recently got banned from Iran. Not just that, it is causing many issues for Niantic as the company is being sued.