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Free-To-Play League Of Legends Card Game Open Beta Now Live

League Of Legends card game is currently in development by a small team of programmers. However, the game is now available for the gamers to play, but it is not the final version, it is a beta version of the game.

According to the developers the game is a complete free-to-play League Of Legends card game, which will allow the users to connect with their League Of Legends account. However, the functionality to connect the account will not be available in the beta version.

The version that developers have made live is version 0.1, and the card decks are randomized from the list of cards that are currently available. According to the devs “The card game includes champions, monsters, minions, abilities, spells, etc straight out of League of Legends”.

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The League Of Legends card game includes a ranked system, and the developers plan to host “weekend tournaments for prizes and to offer some competitiveness”. The developers have assured that the game is not pay-to-win, but players can earn “League of Cards IP for card packs by winning matches in League of Legends”.

As the game is far from finished, the developers have also revealed their development roadmap. The devs promise that there will be numerous bug fixes and other fixes that will arrive for the game.

The devs has also announced that the game will not work for some browsers, and mobile players will find it difficult to play the game, but all of this is temporary. The devs have also explained the reason for releasing the bug infested version of their League Of Legends card game.

The purpose behind this super early release bugged version is so that we can do some testing on our multiplayer backend on a large scale, and get a little bit of feedback as to how the game feels. Keep in mind that this is far from the final release, so don’t judge us too harshly ;). We plan on smoothing this out a ton, implementing all the promised features, and bugfixing the game long before the full release.

Checkout the development roadmap for the League Of Legends card game below.

v 0.1 (current version)

Release a playable basic functionality version of the game to get general feedback and to test the backend.

Decks are randomized from available cards.

v 0.2

Will be updated with a vast amount of bugfixes and gameplay/animation smoothing.

Will release more cards, specifically spell cards.

v 0.3

More Bugfixes

Will add in the Card Collection and Deck Creator features so that players can create their own decks instead of using randomized ones

Will add in more cards, including the first set of counter and trap spell cards

v 0.4

More Bugfixes.

Will add in game stats and player experience.

Will add in more cards.

v 0.5

More Bugfixes.

Will add in ranked rating system for decks.

Will add in more cards.

v 0.6

More Bugfixes.

Will add in chat log feature so players can communicate.

Will add in trade room feature, although trading won’t be allowed at this time but players can talk.

Will add in more cards.

v. 0.7

More Bugfixes.

Players will be able to connect their League of Legends accounts and collect IP from wins in League of Legends.

Will add in the daily bonus feature.

Will add in more cards.

v. 0.8

More Bugfixes.

Focus will be on game balancing and stabilizing gameplay.

v. 0.9

All features will now be available and we will be doing a final test on the multiplayer backend.

v. 1.0


If you are interested then follow this link to signup for the the League Of Legends card game.