Can’t Make Up Your Mind About No Man’s Sky? This 50 Minutes Long Gameplay Will Help

No Man’s Sky is so far the most hyped release of this year. The PlayStation 4 console exclusive game is now available in North America and Europe.

No Man’s Sky reviews are still under progress and since the game is so big and Sony handed out keys so late, it would take some time for reviewers to dug deep and come out with a detailed, honest review.

However, if you can’t wait that long and want to know what the game is all about and if it is worth buying, YouTuber Arekkz can help you out. He posted a 50 minute long gameplay video from the PlayStation 4 version of No Man’s Sky.

The video dives deep into exploration, gameplay, combat, enemies and much more. Those looking to know more about the PC version and how it runs will have to wait till August 12. Hello Games delayed No Man’s Sky on PC as it was originally suppose to release alongside its PS4 counterpart.

No Man’s Sky has been at the center of controversy and accusations for a few months now. A couple of plagiarism complains along with leaked copies didn’t help Hello Games but despite all, Hello Games has managed to push it out the door.

No Man’s Sky is the big Sony release for this year before the arrival of The Last Guardian. Hopes are high and we itching to see the reviews from notable influencers. Early signs are positive but we’ll have to wait and see what the international media thinks of it.