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Lucioball Bug Exploiters in Overwatch Warned by Blizzard

To help promoting the Brazilian Olympics, Blizzard added a new Lucioball mode to Overwatch. However, the mode came with a Lucioball bug, and Blizzard is now thinking of taking action against players that exploit that bug to bring in characters that are not Lucio, such as Pharah, Bastion, or Torbjorn.

Blizzard has no idea of what causes the bug, especially considering that Lucio and Lucios with skins are supposed to be the only characters that are available to other players to use in the mode.

While Blizzard has had extreme difficulty trying to fix the bug (trying numerous times to fix it but without success), they’ll likely just stick to punishing people that use the glitch to cheat, such as shooting other players in order to keep them off the ball.

In addition to his native nationality, Lucio was picked for Lucioball because of his weapon, which mainly uses sound waves instead of projectiles like many other people. His ability to speed up teammates is also an important factor in his choice.

If Blizzard can’t fix the Lucioball bug, we may be looking at a lot more examples of people bringing in other characters like Pharah, Reinhardt, Zarya, and more and attempting to use their own abilities to break the game balance, though that depends on how prevalent the bug is.

Considering that Blizzard has been fairly good at keeping cheaters from getting into Overwatch games with other people and ruining the game for everyone else, hopefully they’ll be able to continue that stellar record against people that use the Lucioball bug.

Lucioball isn’t a permanent mode, being something promoted for the 2016 Summer Olympics, so it makes sense that fixing the bug has gone from Blizzard’s top priority into them just being on damage control until the Olympics are over and the game mode is removed.