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Amazon Revealed The Last Guardian Pre-order Bonus, Includes A Digital Soundtrack

The wait is almost over as only a couple of months remain for the release of The Last Guardian. The game has been in development for almost a decade, and fans are excited to get their hands on it. Now the game is available for pre-order and Amazon has revealed the The Last Guardian Pre-order bonus.

Amazon has updated the product page of the game, and revealed The Last Guardian pre-order bonus.

According to the listing, those who pre-order the PlayStation 4 exclusive game will get a digital mini soundtrack, which comes with four tracks along with a PlayStation 4 theme.

Recently, Sony’s President Shuhei Yoshida said that The Last Guardian is almost complete and it is in final polishing state. According to him the developers are doing some final polishing of The Last Guardian, and the game will be complete before its release.

He also said that The Last Guardian has already gone through several playtests, and the team is working on ironing out the remaining kinks.

Lead Designer for The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda, also revealed that he will not play his own game for almost a year.

With all my titles – when the game is released, I’m extremely nervous. In the week after the release I don’t want to look at the game. All I’ll see are the flaws. I wouldn’t want to see it with that perspective because I don’t want to think about regrets. Even seeing tiny bugs I’ll think, why didn’t we squash that one?But sometime later, maybe after a year, I’ll be able to calm down and take a look.

The Last Guardian has been in development since 2007, the game was originally scheduled to release for PlayStation 3. However, in 2012 the team decided to release the game for PlayStation 4, even though the console was not even announced at the time.

Now The Last Guardian is almost complete and is scheduled to release on October 25, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.