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Vodafone Users Experiencing Slow Downloads On PlayStation Devices

A lot of users have been reporting extremely slow downloads on PlayStation network recently. While the slow download issue has been pretty much a part of PSN ever since the launch of PS4, many Vodafone users are reporting that these past few weeks, downloading has been impossible on their PS4 or PS3 consoles.

The issue isn’t just tied to Vodafone users but they seem to be the most affected as their internet is working flawless on other devices including PC and smartphones. Neither Sony nor Vodafone have been able to provide any solution to the problem.

There are multiple threads on the PlayStation Forums filled with users who have the same issue. According to all of them, their download speed used to be perfect on Sony’s consoles until recently and even right now, their speed is as it should be when downloading games on PC or smartphones.

The slow downloads on PlayStation Network seem to be more common during day time, after 8 am while the speed supposedly returns to normal at night after 2-3am. Some users aren’t so lucky and their speed remains horrible at night too, taking them 12-15hrs easily to download a couple of gigabytes of game updates.

Another thing which some users are reporting is that the issue seems to have started ever since they signed the new Terms of Service, without which they were unable to go Online on their consoles.

It is unclear who is at fault here, Sony or Vodafone, but the shoddy quality of the networking infrastructure when it comes to PlayStation Network has been brought up multiple times in the past due to similar reasons.

Despite charging users a monthly fee for PSN services, Sony still doesn’t seem to have a handle on things when it comes to a good online user experience and such issues have been common since the PS3 days.