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Sign Up to Be a Battlefield Insider for Battlefield 1 Early Access, Rewards and More

Battlefield Insider Program is offering Battlefield 1 early access, rewards, and other perks. Sign ups are open and you can choose your platform of choice for early access.

To sign up you need to head over the link provided by EA in the Tweet. It will take you to the official website where you will be asked to provide your email address and platform of choice. Since Battlefield 1 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC those are the only platforms available to choose from.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21.

On a related note, there is $130 Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition. Interestingly, the collector’s edition doesn’t come with the game.

  • 14″ statue (not the game)
  • Exclusive steelbook (not the game)
  • Cloth poster (not the game)
  • Deck of playing cards (different game)
  • Messenger pigeon tube containing exclusive DLC (for the game, but not the game)
  • Patch (not the game)
  • Premium Packaging (not the game)

Weird, isn’t it?