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PlayStation Neo Announcement Expected On 7th September

The highly anticipated PlayStation Neo announcement might be coming a bit sooner than expected. According to some sources, Sony is preparing for an event on 7th September in New York and the upcoming console will be revealed there.

The original PS4 had its first official unveiling in New York as well so it makes sense for Sony to do the PlayStation Neo announcement in the city as well.

It was originally believed that Sony would be revealing their next generation console during Tokyo Game Show in mid-September but it seems the date has been moved to a bit earlier, probably for an even better look and demo at TGS’16.

Sony representatives have refused to comment on the speculation of this date or the actual unveiling itself.

Perhaps TGS would be an ideal platform for Sony to showcase some of their hotly anticipated titles like Final Fantasy XV and No Man’s Sky running on the newer console with better graphics and frames.

The upcoming Nintendo NX console is also expected to be unveiled around 12th September so it is possible that Sony moved around their PlayStatio Neo announcement date in order to ensure less competition and more buzz for a while.

Considering that PlayStation VR is set to launch in October, it makes sense for Sony to announce the new console before that, confirming the availability of future VR/non-VR games on the console before it is even available.

A bundled package of both PS Neo and PSVR would also end up boosting their sales with a huge kickstart and ensure that the PSVR headset is well received and not ends up becoming a gimmick like PS Move and Eye.

Provided the console is priced at around $400 and the whole console and VR headset bundle offers a decent discount over individual pricing, PlayStation Neo might end up becoming an even bigger entity for Sony than PS4, which sold more than 50 million units in 3 years.