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Microsoft Will Host Its Own Event In October, Skipping Gamescom and TGS

Microsoft won’t be coming to TGS (Tokyo Game Show) this year, the company skipped the event last year as well. The redmond giant previously also confirmed that it won’t be at Gamescom. Instead, Microsoft will be hosting its own event this year.

The event will be held in Japan this October.

Phil Spencer has stated that they will have something to say before the end of the year. This indicates that Microsoft may host a PlayStation Experience like event for its western audience.

Big things to say? Well, could it be possible to see the new Project Scorpio by the end of the year? Microsoft is working on a 4K gaming console. Codename Project Scorpio, this machine can do 4K Native gaming. It is the first step toward a revolution in the console market.

Mid-cycle upgrades will change the face of console space.

Microsoft isn’t the only one changing its ways. Sony is working on a similar machined codenamed PlayStation 4 Neo. It is a more powerful variant of PlayStation 4 and offers 4K support with numerous other features.

Both machines are expected to release sometime next year. It looks like games will work like smartphones app in the future, optimized for different hardware specs at the same time.