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Mass Effect Andromeda Will Feature a Mix Of Humor And Character

It has been two years since Bioware announced Mass Effect Andromeda. However, the developer is yet to show any gameplay for the game, but they do share their progress from time to time. Now Bioware is again discussing its game through Twitter, and also hinted at what fans can expect from the game.

Bioware’s Ian Frazier took it to the Twitter and revealed that he reviewed a new mission for Mass Effect Andromeda. He noted that players can expect a mix of humor, characterization, thrilling combat and unique graphics.

These are the things that made Mass Effect a beloved franchise among gamers, and it is good to see Bioware has not list sight of that.

Bioware’s Graham Scott also Tweeted, and what he said about apace in the game hardly makes any sense. He also noted that the game is coming together nicely, and it should be after all it’s been in development for quite some time.

However, an eagle eyed fans asked the developers about moving the iconic N7 logo from right to left side of the chest. To that Mass Effect Andromeda producer, Micheal Gamble, responded that it is just a evolution of the design, and it is also not the same set that commander Shepard wore.

In related news, Bioware has not yet revealed any gameplay for Mass Effect Andromeda. However, BioWare Studio Head, Aaryon Flynn, hinted towards what will be the right time for the reveal.

There’s definitely more stuff we could have shown or talked about. But now we’re shipping next spring, the time to really blast all that out there is after the other games come out. We’ll be there then to have a great big reveal and release all the details.

If this statement is any indication than Electronic Arts plans to reveal the gameplay for Mass Effect Andromeda later this year, once all other major games, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, have been released.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to release in March 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.