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Bandai Namco Teases Little Nightmares, A First-Person Horror Game by RoboEd Games

Bandai Namco Entertainment has put up a new teaser site for an upcoming game called Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares by Bandai Namco Entertainment

Last month, the company confirmed to reveal a new IP at Gamescom for western audience. It looks like the new IP from Bandai Namco is Little Nightmares as evident from the image sent out to press by the publisher.

Little Nightmares Invite

According to folks over at NeoGaf, the title could be a first-person horror game being developed by Swedish studio RoboEd Games. The company’s official Twitter account has not posted an update since March last year, but the mentions Little Nightmares – a horror game in which players assume the role of an eight-year-old schizophrenic kid.

Currently working on ‘Little Nightmares’, a horror game where you play as a schizophrenic eight-year-old.

You can also check out a WordPress Blog from RoboEd Games which shows a secluded house and early development footage. Moreover, the image sent to press reads ‘something is stirring in the kitchen’ which kind of confirms the possibility of it being a RoboEd Games, as evident from the image attached below!

Little Nightmares Kitchen Tweet

Coming back to the official teaser site put up by Bandai Namco, it features a block puzzle asking users to figure out something lurking in the deepest darkest depths. There are a total of three puzzles – two of which will be unveiled tomorrow and on Wednesday followed by a reveal trailer releasing on Thursday.

Stay tuned to for more information on Bandai’s Little Nightmares.