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Ubisost Discusses Ghost Recon Wildlands Vehicle Types, Few Quests Will Have Mission Fails

Open World games are getting a lot of attention from the developers this console generation, and there is no doubt that Ubisoft is the biggest advocate for the open world games. Now the Ubisoft has revealed new juicy information about Ghost Recon Wildlands vehicle types and its side missions.

In a recent blogpost Lead Game Designer, Dominic Butler, shed some light on Ghost Recon Wildlands vehicle types, and the structure of the side missions in the game.

He said that there are 60 vehicles to choose from and every vehicle has its own attributes.

We have 60 different vehicle types: civilian vehicles, army vehicles, boats, bikes, buggies, planes, helicopters… the stuff you would expect to find in a world like this, and the cool thing is you get to play with all of it. There are no restrictions. You play the way you want.

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Game’s Narrative Director, Sam Strachman, added that the team talked to a lot of researchers for the game, which led them to develop different types of characters.

We talked to a ton of researchers, experts, journalists, authors, bloggers… everyone we possibly could. That led us to create all the different cartel characters.

Butler also said added that some games have a knack for throwing mission failed screen, and in Wildlands there will some cases where a mission will fail for a particular reason.

In some cases, we are going to have to do a mission fail when that particular [target] has intel, but across most of the missions the idea is [for us] to try to build them so there is no way to fail. There’s no wrong way to play Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is in development at Ubisoft, and the game is scheduled to release on in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.