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Madden 17 Chemistry Makes A Return To Madden Ultimate Team

EA Sports has announced that Madden 17 Chemistry will be returning to the Madden Ultimate Team game mode of Madden 17, after being in Madden 25.

Chemistry will be replacing the Style mechanic for your teams. It will also have a lot of different effects on your team that will alter how they play in games.

Madden 17 Chemistry will alter your players’ attributes. Each of these boosts will visible on the various individual items that they impact in Madden Ultimate Team, by being blue instead of colored green like the rest of the attributes. In addition to that, it has the possibility to impact any attribute, so you never know how your teammates will be affected.

For instance, if your team’s Block Shedding is boosted, those qualities will go up and change your team’s Block Shedding rating in order to reflect that value. Your team’s OVR rating will also go up, if the boost provided by the Chemistry is enough to increase it. This could also increase your team’s overall Team Rating.

Madden 17 Chemistry also helps you be more flexible when developing your team. In other games that had Madden Ultimate Team and Styles, you were limited to eight Styles and each of those Styles only affected two ratings. Chemistry, on the other hand, has any number of possibilities that you can use to make your players better.

You can also use the chemistries to make chemistries only affect a certain group, such as making one that only affects your wide receivers and and running backs, or make one that affects your entire defensive line.

There will only be a few of these Madden 17 Chemistry boosts to start with, but don’t worry. They’ll be added throughout the game’s season. You’ll be able to try out the chemistries for yourself when Madden NFL 17 releases on August 23.