Bethesda Likes the Idea of Project Scorpio and PS Neo

While there are users who are not in favor of recently announced Project Scorpio and PS Neo, Bethesda likes the idea of mid-cycle hardware upgrades and seems enthusiastic about it.

Bethesda on PS Neo and Project Scorpio

Speaking with Gamespot; Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that the studio is big fans of robust hardware such as PS Neo and Project Scorpio:

I think that kind of stuff is great I mean, having more robust hardware is … We’re big fans of it.

Since there is not much we know about the upcoming consoles apart from some minor details, Hines could not go in details as to what effect the new hardware will have on Bethesda:

What that does for us, I mean, right now it’s all talk, right? They’re not out and we’re still early days on it. It remains to be seen exactly what impact it has.

In addition to this, Hines also talked about creating games for PS Neo and Project Scorpio will not be equivalent of creating games for PS3 and PS4 at the same time:

It doesn’t feel like, for example, Wolfenstein: The New Order or Evil Within. Right? Both of those products had to launch on PC and 360 and PS3 and PS4 and Xbox One. That is an enormous pain in the ass. I would prefer to never put any dev through that again, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what it is. It’s not PS3 and PS4. It seems like, well, it’s PS4, but if you have this hardware it’s going to do this stuff, or it’s Scorpio and so it works on Xbox One. If you have the Scorpio then it does all this other stuff.

Bethesda is currently working on The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Special Edition which is scheduled to release on Oct. 28, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.