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No Man’s Sky PS4 File Size is 3.4GB, Day One Update Will Add to the Size

No Man’s Sky File is 3.4 GB on PlayStation 4, according to the game’s updated listing on PlayStation Store.
Going through the game’s listing on North American and European Store reveals that players would need over 3GB of space in their HDDs.

It may be time to free up some space if you use the 500GB model of PlayStation 4

Hello Games has confirmed a day one date which means the overall size of the game will go beyond 3.4GB depending on the size of the update.

We don’t know what this day one update will add but according to Hello Games, expect to see new features, improvements, and balancing.

The digital pre order for the game will begin on August 7 while the game will release on August 9 on PlayStation 4.
Players will be able to preload the game and unlock it at midnight, release day.

On a related note, No Man’s Sky review copies aren’t being sent out by Sony. It seems reviews will come in after the release of the game. However, some gamers are already enjoying No Man’s Sky and seems to be happy about what it has to offer.

The game was first sold on eBay and later we came to know that No Man’s Sky has broken street date in UAE. First impressions of early adopters are positive so we may not need the reviews.