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Xbox One S Controller is the Best Controller Ever Made, Claims Microsoft

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One S controller is the best controller ever made.

Unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 2016 media briefing, Xbox One S is Microsoft’s slightly more powerful and slimmer version of Xbox One. The console comes with a newly designed controller which, according to Microsoft, is the best controller the company has ever made.

Xbox One S Controller

Albert Panello, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Planning at Xbox, recently sat down with Eurogamer and talked about the new Xbox One S controller:

“Personally, I think we have best controller ever made! To be clear, connection to the Xbox One S still uses our high-bandwidth, low-latency Xbox Wireless protocol. We make that Wireless Protocol available on PC with our Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.”

He continued that Microsoft wanted more people to be able to use the same controller in laptop and tablets situation which is where the Bluetooth connectivity kicks in. With the Bluetooth support that the new controller boasts, people playing on a Windows 10 tablet or PC can use the controller on the get-go:

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“However, we wanted people to be able to use their same controller more easily OFF the console in tablet and laptop situations. By adding Bluetooth support people playing on a Windows 10 tablet or PC can use the controller ‘on the go’. I think our Xbox One Wireless Protocol provides the best experience, and now I love the added flexibility we provide by adding Bluetooth.”

Obviously, it all comes down to individual preference and comfort level that one seeks in a controller. For me, the original Xbox One controller works just fine without any complaints whatsoever!

Did you get a chance to try out the new Xbox One S controller? Share your impressions with us in the comments section below!