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Watch Dogs 2 Will Let Other Games Breath: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2 is releasing this year while Assassin’s Creed is taking a break. Assassin’s Creed became stagnant and dull so Ubisoft decided to give it some time off.

It was all thanks to the arrival of Watch Dogs 2 have Assassin’s Creed some breathing space. Not only Assassin’s Creed, but Watch Dogs 2 may give breathing space to other games in the future as well.

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According to Alain Corre, head of EMEA:

This year we have five AAA franchises to come. Watch Dogs 2 is coming and we think that can be a super good game at the end of this year. We’ve listened to all the feedback people were sending us after Watch Dogs 1 and we’ve ticked all the boxes for improving the game and making the size of the game twice as big, and the hacking system lets you now hack anybody, all the vehicles and drones and so on,”

We’ve also added more multiplayer and co-op. For us, now we can count on all these franchises, which is great because it allows us to let some of our brands breathe

Ubisoft is not only focusing on AAA games but the company is diversifying to VR. Corre is certain that Ubisoft’s future VR games will be profitable. The company is optimistic about the growth of VR.

We feel there will be a spark and it will really explode – it’s still very early days but we want to put some seeds in the soil and we don’t necessarily know which ones will explode and create a new franchise for us. It’s an opportunity for us to create new brands

Ubisift is working on a VR game called Eagle Flight. It allows players to take breathtaking free flights on the virtual world. Its release plans will be detailed soon.

Source: Gamesindustry