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Resident Evil 7 Healing Items Shown in New Picture

A new picture on NeoGAF has revealed what the Resident Evil 7 healing items will look like when the game releases. The items are, as always, various things like herbs, and various healing pastes that you can make by combining the herbs together, though the picture only shows green herbs. Interestingly, there’s also a coin.

Herbs have been used in nearly every Resident Evil game as healing items, being scattered around the various mansions, villages, castles, and secret underground bases that Resident Evil games normally take place in. Divided into three types, they’re the mainstay for healing in the series, alongside the rarer first-aid sprays.

Whatever the coin is, however, is another story. You obviously can’t heal yourself with a coin, so it may be the devs teasing us yet again, much like they did in the Resident Evil 7 demo. In that demo numerous small Easter eggs and endings kept many people busy for weeks, and the finger mystery (where a disembodied mannequin finger is found in a drawer) has kept people guessing for over a month afterwards.

Whatever the coin means, at least the Resident Evil 7 healing items in the picture are somewhat familiar. Considering how a typical of the other Resident Evil games that the RE 7 demo was, it’s at least something we can see that hasn’t been changed by the first-person gameplay, the much creepier atmosphere, and the more cryptic story.

There’s still no real idea of what the full Resident Evil 7 game will entail. The demo was intentionally cryptic, with only a few hints that it was a Resident Evil game at all.

It’s likely that we’ll get more pictures released than just the Resident Evil 7 healing items before the game releases in late January of next year, but in the meantime we’ll just have to be patient and see how the game starts to take shape.