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Prey 2017 Gives New Trailer That Shows Combat, Gameplay

One of the more interesting things to come out of E3 happened at the Bethesda conference at the very end of the show, where Bethesda unveiled a reboot of Prey. Prey 2017, as it’s become known, is a departure from the 2006 video game, going from what was a first person shooter, to what looks like a first-person survival horror game.

The trailer in question, narrated by the game’s protagonist Morgan, at first seems fairly normal, taking us on a small tour of the space station Talos-1 as Morgan talks about how he keeps having a dream about looking into the blackness between the stars. Then, the trailer gets weird.

Prey 2017 was implied to be a survival game as early as the first trailer at E3, where a seemingly normal morning turned into a cosmic horror story. That aesthetic is kept by this trailer, as we get to see combat against what look like shadow entities that have overrun the station, as Morgan says that if even one of them gets off the station, humanity is doomed.

The game seems to take a few pages out of System Shock’s book, and not just because of the hostile alien life swarming over a space station. Various crafting options and tools are used to fight the enemy, which consists both of what look like shadowy headcrabs, and man-sized versions of the shadow monsters.

Prey 2017 was apparently originally intended as a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, according to Bethesda, who had been looking around for someone to make Prey 2 as early as 2013. The Austin, Texas branch of Arkane Studios, the same studio that made Dishonored, will be working on the game.

However, the game is completely new, and nothing from Prey 2 will be making it into this new Prey.

Hopefully when the game releases sometime in 2017 it will be just as scary as the trailer makes it seem, and we’ll get something that’s as close to System Shock 3 as we can get.