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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pre-Orders Break Franchise Records in One Country

Pokemon Go isn’t the only piece of Pokemon media that’s been breaking records. Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-orders have apparently broken franchise records in Italy, along with sales of other Pokemon games and Nintendo 3DS handhelds. This is even against the fact that Pokemon games have some of the highest sales in all of video games.

Pokemon Go only came out a few weeks ago and has already taken the world by storm, being downloaded by over 75 million people. With such popularity, not to mention all of the media coverage it’s gotten, it makes sense that there would be an increase in Pokemon interest even from people that don’t normally play the game.

Not only have Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-orders gone up in Italy, but there’s also been a marked increase in other Pokemon games. Sales for those games have risen by 59 percent on average, while Nintendo 3DS sales have risen 33 percent.

Another reason for the increases is that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be changing up the formula a great deal. Everything about it, ranging from different forms of Pokemon to a completely different way to go on your Pokemon journey (the most notable part about it being no gyms), are generating a great deal of interest in the franchise as a whole.

The interest in Pokemon is likely to go up even more as Pokemon Sun and Moon get even closer to release. While they’re not slated for that until November in any part of the world, it’s likely that Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-orders will grow even more between then and now, not just in Italy but in many other countries.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon games are supposed to be released on November 18 in North America and Japan, while they’ll be releasing on November 23 in Europe.