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No Man’s Sky Wanted Level Guide – How to Avoid Sentinels

No Man’s Sky Wanted Level guide to help you understand how exactly Wanted Level works in the game and how to best avoid Sentinels.

Before beginning your journey, having an idea of how No Man’s Sky Wanted Level works will save you from a lot of mishaps.

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No Man’s Sky Wanted Level Guide

Sentinels in No Man’s Sky should not be taken lightly or you could end up dying. Since you lose everything – information related to discoveries made – that has not been uploaded to The Atlas, you should avoid it the best you can. Moreover, if you die out in space, you also lose your ship.

Our No Man’s Sky Wanted Level guide details everything you need to know about how Wanted Level works and how to avoid getting killed by Sentinels.

No Man’s Sky – What are Sentinels

Sentinels in No Man’s Sky are mechanized-creatures which can essentially be considered as Space Police in No Man’s Sky – for the lack of a better term. There are plenty of offenses which can cause Sentinels to come after you!

While it is possible to get rid of Sentinels, doing so only worsens the matter as you will have to deal with Space Military instead of Space Police. However, do note that not every No Man’s Sky planet is under the control of Sentinels.

If you come across a planet which is not under the direct control of Sentinels, you should be able to do whatever you want without worrying about raising your No Man’s Sky Wanted Level.

No Man’s Sky – Understand Wanted Level

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple actions that increase your Wanted Level in a particular area of the No Man’s Sky Universe. As a general rule of thumb; the higher your Wanted Level, more the Sentinels you will need to avoid.

If you continue to perform undesirable actions, you will continue to raise your Wanted Level. However, if you lay low for a while and avoid confrontations, your Wanted Level will begin to decrease.

Here are some of the in-game actions that can raise your Wanted Level in a particular area:

  • Mining uncontrollably and depleting a planet’s resources.
  • Eliminating wildlife on a planet.
  • Killing Sentinels even if they attacked you first.
  • Raiding trading convoys and attacking traders in space.

No Man’s Sky – How to Avoid Confrontations

Now that we have a firm grasp of what increases your No Man’s Sky Wanted Level, let us talk about avoiding it altogether.

While exploring, you will come across traders being attacked by Space Pirates. You can try to save the traders which will let you earn decent rewards and form allegiances. Aside from this, whenever you land on a planet, try to keep mining under control and avoid attacking wildlife.

If you, however, find your explorer attacked by wildlife, try to run away from the area or scare them off. Even with these actions, you will not be safe from Space Pirates so try to be on your toes at all times.

You can also play as aggressive as possible by attacking trading convoys and random alien factions. Whenever you see two alien factions battling it out in outer space, try to pick a side and help one faction out.

Do note that the alien factions will remember whether you fought against them or helped them out. This will most definitely have consequences later down the road, but it is one of the several ways you can play the game.

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Wanted Level and how to avoid Sentinels guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!