No Man’s Sky Exploration Trailer Ignites Your Desire to Explore the Universe

Hello Games and Sony Europe has released a brand new trailer for No Man’s Sky. Dubbed as No Man’s Sky Exploration trailer, the footage shows dangers hiding on some of the planets you’ll explore.

As you know exploration is a major part of No Man’s Sky. Players will be able to explore 18 trillion planets which isn’t possible in one lifetime. However, it seems the main storyline can be completed it 30 hours.

According to Sean Murray, “It’s even bigger than you can imagine.” What you see in the footage is a procedurally generated universe.

No Man’s Sky is releasing on PlayStation 4 on August 9 while the PC version is hitting shelves on August 12. The PC version was delayed recently but Hello Games didn’t mention why.

In other news, No Man’s Sky street date was broken in UAE. In fact , the title was able for $2000 on eBay. Someone grabbed the early copy and posted gameplay videos online.

Hello Games asked YouTube to remove these gameplay videos but they found their way to YouPorn. It is best you avoid these videos as they patiently spoil your game.

Sean Murray himself has requested the community to not spoil the game by watching leaked footage.

Are you excited for No Man’s Sky release? Which platform will you be picking it up for?