Mafia 3 Character Thomas Burke Highlighted in a New Trailer

A new trailer has been released by 2K Games, showing off Mafia 3 character Thomas Burke. Burke will be one of your main group members when you take control of Lincoln Clay and start to hunt down the Mafia for betraying your gang and leaving you for dead.

Burke’s backstory, as read in the trailer, paints him as a veteran of the Troubles, the forty-plus years of civil war between Irish rebels and the British Army in the late 20th century. Burke himself was the head of New Bordeaux’s Irish syndicate, before he was beaten and humiliated by the Mafia. With that in mind, he has joined up with Lincoln’s gang in order to take control of New Bordeaux.

As an anarchist, the newest Mafia 3 character will likely be one of the more volatile people on your team. Considering that if you don’t cater to the whims of your companions they may turn on you, Mafia 3 players may want to keep an eye on Burke and try to keep him happy, or be ready to lose one of your companions if Burke decides he doesn’t like how you’re leading.

The Mafia 3 character trailer also paints Burke as a drinker and a gambler, which destabilized the Irish mob and allowed the Mafia to take over their turf fairly easily. It’s likely that Burke is working with Clay to allow the Irish mob to both get its turf back and take the Mafia down.

The Mafia 3 character trailer that showed off Burke is only the second of the trailers that will be introducing characters. The first introduced Lincoln, our protagonist, but there are still two other people that will be working with Clay to destroy the Mafia.

We can probably look forward to them coming out in the coming months, especially since Mafia 3 releases in October.