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Destiny Rise Of Iron Gameplay And Story Details Revealed

In a recent podcast, Game Informer shared some new details regarding the upcoming Destiny Rise of Iron expansion. Game Informer also did a cover story on the game revealing tons of new information about the fourth expansion.

Destiny Rise of Iron Details

Through the podcast, we now know that the humor value, which seemed to be the biggest part of story line in The Taken King (Nathan Fillion’s Cayde 6 anyone?) has been dialed down now. Whether the story is grimmer or not is unclear. It was also revealed that Ghost, voiced by Nolan North, will be more talkative this time around.

The expansion will be focusing on the tale of the Iron Lords and the player’s journey to join their ranks. Through the campaign, like the previous game content, players will be collecting fragments and hidden Ghosts as side collectibles to further expand the lore. As for the length of the story, it might come across as short once again and not a huge leap forward for the game.

Rise of Iron will also be bringing in some new and interesting mechanics to the gameplay. Just like Dark Souls franchise, there will be some mimic chests in the game world which are actually booby trapped instead of filled with rewards.

Similar to Court of Oryx and Prison of Elders, Rise of Iron will add in a new PvE activity, Archon’s Forge. Players will be taking part in five minute encounters of various difficulties inside the Forge. From the looks of things, it might be a multi group Arena as it has the capability to fit in other Guardians besides the player’s team.

Finally, speaking about the new Strike, it was noted that it embraces variation, meaning there will be different encounters through each run with different doors leading to different fights.

The Summoning Pits and Devil’s Lair are the returning Year One strikes but they’ve been re-done in a new manner, even sporting new dialogue.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is scheduled for September 20th release on Xbox One and PS4.