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Bioware Director Says The State Of MMO Market Has Never Been Better

MMO games are widely considered to be only for the hardcore PC gamers. While this was true in the past, but things are changing for this gaming genre.

According to director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, James Ohlen, the MMO market has never been so prosperous as it is now. Speaking with MCV, the developer said that the genre has never been so largely successful as it is today, but still people misunderstand what the genre means for gaming industry.

According to James, in the past every one thought that MMO is only for the hardcore PC gamers. However, this genre has two major new IPs which were introduced during last 2 years, The Division and Destiny.

He further said that Both, The Division and Destiny, are MMOs. The only difference is that the developers do not call them MMO. He said that those who are familiar with the genre and play MMOs, they know what this genre is.

He noted that MMOs have now been expanded to mobiles, as there are many games on smartphones that are mobile MMOs. Some of the mobile MMOs have even surpassed classic PC MMOs.

He also said that Star Wars The Old Republic is also a classic PC MMO, but it has been greatly successful, which he believes is due the Star Wars name attached to the game.

Bioware is currently developing Mass Effect Andromeda, which is going to be the fourth installment in the long running franchise. However, many fans are skeptical about how Bioware is going to bridge the gap between Andromeda and the trilogy.

Well Bioware are partnered with Titan Books to publish a Mass Effect novel that will complete the job. The novel will bridge the gap between The Mass Effect Trilogy and Andromeda.

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