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New Battlefield 1 Video Shows Off New Weapons

A new Battlefield 1 video posted to YouTube by DICE has shown off a number of the various weapons that players will be using when the game launches on October 21. The video, which can be found here, throws in a lot of gameplay with the weapons into the bargain.

As World War 1 was the first “modern” war, it was a collection of various eras all coming together. Along with tanks, machine guns, planes, and more, World War I also used very medieval-style weaponry, such as maces and armored helmets.

These kinds of weapons, along with submachine guns, blimps, and other weapons are only going to be a part of what we’ll be using when the game comes out, alongside horses, armored cars, and various rifles and artillery pieces.

According to the developers in the Battlefield 1 video, designing the weaponry for Battlefield 1 was a completely different process from designing yet more modern weapons, especially considering the wide variety of new weapons that are going to be in Battlefield 1.

Weapons that players can take for granted in first-person shooters nowadays, like automatic rifles and machine guns, are cutting-edge at the time of World War 1.

DICE also said that they put a lot of work into making sure that the weapons all looked, moved, and sounded right, even up to the point of firing vintage World War I equipment and recording the sound.

Not only did the Battlefield 1 video show off weapons, it also showed off a few new vehicles, such as combat trucks, and what appeared to be a new weapon for one of the game’s classes, a mortar, which players could use to fire from behind a wall and onto the enemy without having to expose themselves.

Battlefield 1’s alpha period has already ended, and its beta period will be starting up a few days after Gamescom, so you can try out all of these weapons for yourself in the beta.