scroll down App Beta Invites Being Sent Out For Facebook Streaming

Back in June, Blizzard announced a partnership with Facebook which would enable Facebook streaming in Blizzard games through app.

The idea behind it was to create something similar to PSN/XBL and Twitch where users playing Blizzard games can log in through their Facebook accounts and easily do a live stream of their gameplay without having to set up any complex software.

Battle.Net App Invites

That plan has now come to fruition as Blizzard started sending out Beta invites a few days ago to users, inviting them to take part in the streaming process and give valuable feedback.

The invitations were sent through emails which means there are no CD keys to enable this option. Once a person is invited, they have to navigate to the In Development section of their app settings and download the latest beta build from there.

Keep in mind, the In Development section will only appear for those who have been invited by Blizzard to take part in either this Beta or any of their previous Beta/Alpha tests related to the app (not games) which includes the Voice Chat Alpha test.

Once a user has activated the Beta and updated their client, they will see a Camera icon in the top right corner of their application. By clicking on it, they can easily set up the live stream and log in to their Facebook account. Once players are in game, they can press Ctrl+F1 to start the livestream.

These live streams can only be shared on personal profiles right now so those interested in sharing footage for their groups or other pages are out of luck, for now at least.

Since the feature is in Beta, there are bound to be some bugs which is why Blizzard is asking users to help shape the experience and share their feedback on the Streaming Beta forum.

Have you received any such invite from Blizzard yet? Share your thoughts on this exciting new feature in the comments below!