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Agent 47 Heads to Thailand with Hitman Episode 4, Releases August 16

An official release date for the upcoming Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok has been announced.

According to a recently release press release, Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok is scheduled to release on Aug. 16, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The episode 4 will also bring back fan-favorite destination from the game; hotels.

Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok Official Release Date Announced

“While Agent 47 is quite the jetsetter, he rarely chooses to travel for pleasure. 47 is most certainly all work and no play. And so it is that he finds himself travelling to Thailand to bask in the natural beauty of exotic gardens, explore the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort’s exquisite interiors; and most importantly, take care of business.”

The press release further notes that the developers put in a lot time creating wondrous assassination locations that the community loves and enjoys:

”With episode four, we are extremely pleased to be able to deliver a new spin on a fan favorite type of destination. Hotels have been a staple across many a Hitman title. A huge amount of people in the community love learning everything there is to know about the intricacies of each hotel; and we thoroughly enjoy creating these wondrous assassination locations.”

The upcoming episode will have 65 new challenges, new gear, weapons, and new items. We also have some screenshots for your viewing pleasure – attached in the Image Gallery below! You can check out the game’s official website for more information on some of the missions and character you will encounter in the upcoming episode.

Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok releases Aug. 16, 2016 for Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.