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Xbox One S Easter Egg Has Tiny Master Chief Inside

As if the Xbox One S wasn’t cool enough, a YouTuber named Austin Evans has taken it apart and come across a very cool Xbox One S Easter Egg. Evans has discovered that the console’s optical disk bracket actually has a tiny little Master Chief engraved onto it.

However, there’s always a risk in discovering these kinds of things. In this case, seeing the Xbox One S Easter egg actually voids your warranty on the console entirely, so if you make a mistake when putting it back together and it breaks, you can’t ask for Microsoft to fix it.

In order to come across the Easter egg yourself, you can head to iFixit if you don’t know how to take a console apart. And it should be easy enough to just put back together, as long as you don’t lose any of the tiny screws that keep the console together.

The Xbox One S is a bit of an edge-up over the Xbox One. It can do 4K for videos and Blu-ray and has a bit more processing power than the Xbox One, and it’s also smaller, so it’s easier to carry around if you want to, say, take it over to a friend’s house.

It’s still likely nothing compared to the Xbox One Scorpio (which still has around a year and a half until it releases), with its 6 teraflops of processing power and ability to do 4K not just with Blu-ray and video but also actual games.

Whether the Xbox One Scorpio will have anything similar to the Xbox One S Easter egg remains to be seen, but it’s likely that when it does release, someone will take it apart to see how the inside looks. After all, if Microsoft wanted to put a little Master Chief on the optical disk bracket, who knows if they’ll put anything else in other consoles?