Game Director Says There Are Prey E3 Trailer Secrets That Went Unnoticed

Prey was revealed during E3 2016, and fans were excited and surprised at the same time, as Bethesda has kept the game under wraps for a long time. The game was revealed with beautiful and physiological trailer, but there are some Prey E3 trailer secrets that fans have missed.

The trailer was indeed interesting and confusing at the same time, but there are also Prey E3 trailer secrets buried in it. According to game’s Creative Director, Raphael Colantonio, Prey E3 reveal trailer has a lot of secrets in it that went unnoticed by the eagle eyed fans.

According to Raphael there are hints in the trailer of what the player will encounter in the game. He pointed out that in the trailer there is a coffee cup that does something interesting. He also pointed out that later on in the trailer an alien disguises itself as a chair which is also a hint of what players will encounter.

He further said that the players will encounter disguising creatures in the game. However, he did not wanted to reveal anything about the aliens, but he did said that they have their own purpose. These aliens have broke out of the containment and have evolved.

He said that Aliens have their own ecology, and later in the game players will learn how they work. They also have some interesting powers and players can learn them.

Prey takes place on the space station and according to Raphael it can be explored. Players will be free to explore the space station as they want, they can explore it while doing one mission at a time or they can just run around the whole place without restriction.

Recently, Arkane Studio revealed some gameplay and story details about Prey. According to the dev, the game is a complete re-imagining and it is not a reboot.

Prey is being developed by Arkane Studio, and will be published by Bethesda for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.